Answer1 Review: Virtual Receptionist and Answering Service for Lawyers

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Answer1 is a major player in the virtual receptionist/answering service market for lawyers.  Along with Ruby Receptionists, they are one of the top tier businesses in their industry.  Started in the 1980s as a traditional answering service for local businesses, Answer1 was one of the first virtual receptionist companies to adopt Voice Over IP (VoIP) and centralize their operations to serve the entire United States.  Today they are one of the giants of the industry, and you may have seen their advertisements across multiple mediums in legal marketing (podcasts, magazines, etc.).

This review will take a closer look at Answer1’s services and how they compare to the other giant in the legal answering answering service space, Ruby Receptionists.  Let’s dive in: (more…)

PPC: What are Negative Keywords in AdWords?

Negative Keywords for Lawyers

Paying for advertising your law firm with Google can be profitable.  In fact, even an attorney with little to no marketing background may bring in new clients by using Google’s AdWords.  However, there is a way to maximize your return when you decide to use Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing.  This blog post will cover one of the main ways to improve your law firm’s PPC campaigns: using negative keywords.

What are Negative Keywords in Adwords?

Negative Keywords allow you to exclude certain search terms from showing your ad.  This way the clients who are actually looking for your legal services will see your ad, and you won’t waste your ad money on people who aren’t looking for a lawyer. (more…)

Legal Marketing: The BluShark Method vs. The Ben Glass Method

BluShark Digital Ben Glass

Ben Glass and BluShark Digital are two well-regarded legal marketing professionals/businesses who offer different styles of marketing help.

Ben Glass written multiple books on the subject of legal marketing, and maintains a paid-members-only group online to help attorneys with their marketing efforts.  He also offers a digital marketing package that you can buy that contains a number of useful marketing materials you can use with your firm.  Ben holds conferences, blogs regularly, and manages a large legal newsletter.

BluShark Digital, on the other hand, is one of the top legal SEO companies in the United States.  It actively manages the marketing programs of several successful law firms across the country, and the company’s founder appears on different legal marketing podcasts frequently.

While these legal marketing titans may seem similar, their marketing programs couldn’t be more different.  This article will take a closer look at the different styles and try to recommend which might be better suited for your firm. (more…)

BluShark Digital Review: A Look at One of the Top Legal SEO Companies

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Unlike a legal software product that you can demo before buying, SEO companies for law firms run on real results (i.e. more leads, more clients).  Each SEO company will have a beautiful website claiming to be the best in the industry, and they will show you how they were rated #1 by some random website.  Choosing the right company can be a stressful decision, since each SEO company promises the same great results.

With BluShark Digital, I have seen first-hand the SEO services they provide, as they actually do the SEO/digital marketing work for my firm.  As I mention in my SEO Guide for Lawyers, personal recommendations mean a lot in choosing the SEO company that’s right for your firm.  BluShark Digital comes highly recommended by some of the major names in the Legal Marketing world (namely, those that I hear on the Maximum Lawyer podcast, which I also highly recommend).  BluShark was originally the in-house marketing team for my firm (mentioned in my previous post), and was first founded by the my firm’s managing partner.  But now it’s its own entity, providing marketing/SEO services for other law firms across the country. (more…)

Website News: I’ve Moved Law Firms


Dear Loyal Fans of Small Firm Legal Marketing,

I’m happy to announce that I’ve recently moved from a small personal injury firm to a mid-sized firm, Price Benowitz.  I’m still working in Personal Injury, Slip and Fall, and Medical Malpractice in Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland, but the firm itself works in other practice areas (most notably, criminal defense).

Legal MarketingMoving

The transfer is a welcomed one, especially from the legal marketing perspective.  Price Benowitz has one of the best marketing programs of any law firm in the country.  Their digital marketing expertise are regularly featured on Legal Talk Network and Maximum Lawyer Podcast.   In fact, I first discovered them from my research for Small Firm Legal Marketing.  When they had a opening in Personal Injury, I couldn’t miss the opportunity.

Price Benowitz’s marketing team has even spun off as its own company, BluShark Digital, which provides marketing services to other law firms throughout the country.  Their marketing services (Web Design, SEO Management, Pay Per Click, etc.) are top-notch and well-reviewed by their clients.  I’ll be doing a more in depth review of BluShark’s legal marketing/SEO services in the near future.

What Does This Mean for SFLM?

With other legal marketing savants in my office to talk shop, there will be plenty of fresh content coming for Small Firm Legal Marketing.  You can look forward to more product reviews, marketing strategy tips, and articles on industry trends.

And if you have any recommendations for article subjects or product reviews, please feel free to drop the feedback in the comments.  I’ve already received a couple of suggestions for product reviews of Cosmolex, which I’ll be writing shortly.


As always, drop your thoughts in the comments.  Thanks for reading!

Book Review: Renegade Lawyer Marketing by Ben Glass

Ben Glass is an internet marketing entrepreneur who runs his own personal injury practice in Fairfax, VA.  I came across his work because he is a prominent online voice for legal marketing, specifically for the small firm environment.

There are many ways to approach marketing, and many lawyers and marketing companies will have their own philosophy.  Ben’s might be right for you, or it might not.  As we talk to more legal marketing entrepreneurs with their own philosophies, we’ll be able to compare and contrast different styles and methods.  But for now, let’s start with Ben Glass.

Ben’s written many books on legal marketing, and this one, Renegade Lawyer Marketing, is subtitled “How Today’s Solo and Small-Firm Lawyers Survive and Thrive in a World of Marketing Vultures, 800-Pound Gorillas, and LegalZoom.”  It’s an overview of how any small firm lawyer can create an effective marketing structure that works for him or her.  Ben doesn’t only cover the logistic “how-tos” of a small firm marketing plan, he also describes the mental state you need to achieve your goals, and the common pitfalls to avoid.  It’s both a business guide and a self-help book.  Let’s take a closer look at the book’s contents:

Ben Glass TOC 1

Ben Glass TOC 2


Rocket Matter Review: Case Management and Billing Services

Rocket Matter Logo

Rocket Matter is one of the “Big Four” in Case Management software, along with Clio, PracticePanther, and MyCase.  The software is mostly known for its excellence in billing management and timekeeping.  With Rocket Matter, you can combine your Calendar, Billing, and Document management into one program. In this review, we’re going to see what Rocket Matter does best, and which kind of attorneys would benefit most from using it.  We’ll also look at which attorneys shouldn’t use Rocket Matter.  Let’s dive in:

Ease of Use and Integrations

Rocket Matter has a very accessible dashboard.  Creating tasks is simple, and you can even assign them to other attorneys.  The built-in stopwatch of the program allows you to easily track the amount of time you spend on each task.  The program is fully functional for desktop, tablet, or smartphone (Apple and Android) use. (more…)