Uptime JurisPage Review: Features, Pricing, and More

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Uptime JurisPage is Uptime Legal’s SEO services and Web Design department.  The company is well-established as one of the major players in the Law Firm SEO services market.  With two offices, including one in Manhattan, they would be “Big Law” in the SEO and Web Design world.

But despite their Big Law feel, JurisPage has excellent SEO fundamentals.  In this review, we’ll go over JurisPage’s approach to SEO, and if their services are right for you. (more…)

Intake Conversion Experts (ICE) Review

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Intake Conversion Experts (known as ICE for short) is a 24/7 legal intake answering service specializing in mass tort cases.  100% of their clients are mass tort law firms.  This review will give an overview of some of the best features of ICE, and which attorneys would benefit most from their services.

The Intake Conversion Experts ICE Call Center

ICE was founded by Gary Falkowitz, a former Managing Attorney of the law firm Parker Waichman, one of New York’s largest in personal injury.  Gary started the company with the founders of Captora, a client relationship management (CRM) software company.  While the two companies operate separately, the ICE team’s thorough understanding of Captora makes them more effective and detail-oriented.

ICE has over 150 clients, all of them mass tort law firms.  50% of their call center staff speak Spanish, and the company uses 3rd party interpreter services for any other languages needed. (more…)

Lexicata Review: Features, Pricing, and More

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Lexicata is a cloud-based program to help lawyers with Client Intake and Client Relationship Management (CRM).  These two areas are essential to any lawyer who wants to streamline their office operations.  The right management tool can save you hundreds of hours every year.

Many applications in the market specialize in either CRM or Client Intake, so I was skeptical about a package deal.  Plus, a lot case management software (like Clio or PracticePanther) already provide these services within their software, so why would I want something separate?

The short answer: Lexicata’s Client Intake and CRM are much better than anything I’ve found in case management software.

Of course, Lexicata is not for every law firm.  This review will break down if Lexicata is right for you. (more…)

Juris Digital Review: SEO Services for Lawyers

Juris Digital

Juris Digital is a boutique firm providing premium SEO Services for Lawyers.  Like most SEO companies in its field, Juris Digital offer site building, optimization, in addition to traditional forms of SEO marketing.  This review of Juris Digital will take a look at what sets the company apart from its competition, and who might benefit from their services.

Juris Digital’s Boutique Style

Just as you’d expect in a boutique law firm, Juris Digital has a very selective hiring process.  The company only employs those with an established expertise in SEO.  This high level of expertise allows them to provide the best product without farming out any work to third parties.  Everything is done in house at Juris Digital, including content creation, a task that most SEO companies choose to outsource. (more…)

Legal Ranker Review: SEO Services for Attorneys

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Legal Ranker is a relatively new company providing SEO services for attorneys, founded by SEO entrepreneur Anthony Kantara in 2016.  After years of developing successful websites and his own proprietary system of effective SEO ranking, Anthony and Legal Ranker have provided SEO services for attorneys in major metropolitan areas, improving each firm’s rank often to the top 5 in Google results.  Anthony follows the latest SEO tips and tricks and tries them all on his websites before prescribing them to Legal Ranker clients.

I’ll cut to the chase: what attracted me to this company was its core values.  In previous posts on Small Firm Legal Marketing, we’ve discussed the importance of owning your firm’s website, and avoiding long-commitment contracts.  In Legal Ranker’s system, the law firm retains ownership over the website and commits only to a monthly contract.  For these and other reasons we’ll discuss, this SEO services company is a cut above the the industry standard. (more…)

Law Firm Website Development: How to Add Content

Law Firm Website Development

If you’ve read our guide on SEO for Lawyers, you know that content is king.  It’s what makes your website look authoritative, and it’s how you’ll get to the top of Google’s searches.  If you hire an SEO company specializing in law firm website development, they will likely focus on producing consistent content.

After your firm’s website is up and running, what can you do to add content?  You might have some great ideas for posts or updates, and you may not want to go through your SEO for everything.  In this post, we are going to guide you through the process so you can add to your law firm’s website development whenever you feel like it.

Don’t worry about accidentally ruining your website by clicking on the wrong thing.  It’s pretty difficult to do this, and almost all mistakes with your website are reversible.  And if you read this guide, you should be confident enough to fiddle around with your blog. (more…)

SEO Services for Lawyers: 5 Tips to Choose a Good Company

SEO Services for Lawyers

Hundreds of companies offer SEO services for lawyers and law firms.  And as you’d expect, they range in price and quality, and many companies look identical from the outside.  Your average lawyer doesn’t know much about the SEO services industry, or what makes a good SEO services company.  This post will highlight the most important qualities in an SEO services company for a law firm’s website.

1. Content and Link Building Plan


When it comes down to nuts and bolts, SEO services for lawyers is like SEO services for any other website.  As we mention in our SEO Guide for Lawyers, the two most important factors in SEO are content creation and link building.

If your SEO company doesn’t have a plan to consistently add content to your website (even through a third party content producer), then the company is not right for your firm.  In order to get to the coveted first page of Google, you should be aiming for one new post per week, using relevant keywords for your practice area. (more…)