The Best Hosting Companies for Lawyers and Law Firms

Last week, we brought you a detailed guide on how to choose the best hosting provider for your law firm website. However, that post provided general advice and primarily dealt with the factors that you should consider when choosing a website host. We understand that it may not be particularly useful for lawyers and attorneys who want a ready-made solution. To help you choose a host in the minimum amount of time, we have decided to expand that article with this week’s post. If you don’t want to bother with the specifications of each host, we’ve compiled the following list of the five best hosting companies for lawyers in the United States. Namecheap Having been around since 2000, Namecheap is the first hosting heavyweight on our list. The company may have started as a domain registrar, but over the years, they’ve gradually incorporated hosting…

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Amicus Attorney Review: Unjustified Investment For Small Firms

Amicus Attorney is the leading practice management solution that integrates all legal information into a single powerful system. Additionally, the software promises to improve the efficiency and productivity of small businesses and firms. Amicus does this by automating manual tasks and offering a solution that is available from virtually all types of devices, as it stores all data on the cloud. However, let’s carefully analyze this software program and discover if it’s truly as good as promised. Amicus Attorney Features When it comes to features, Amicus has done its best to provide law firms with all the necessary tools. This legal practice management software allows employees to manage documents and cases, integrates billing and invoicing, and even offers time tracking and productivity. As mentioned earlier, it relies on cloud technology to store all data and automates certain tasks and processes by implementing workflows. This…

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How To Find the Best Hosting Provider For Law Firms And Attorneys

If you’re only starting your online journey, the first thing you’ll need to find is a good and reliable hosting provider. Most law firms and lawyers automatically go for or Lawlytics. You also may have heard of easy-to-use sites like Squarespace or Wix, which are similar.  These sites offer both hosting and a simple website editing interface in one package.  However, any of these simple-to-use options are rarely the optimal solution for your law firm’s website. With, you get limited resources on an as-needed basis. Meanwhile Lawlytics acts like a lawyer-specific version of WordPress. They may be the default choice of many, but more experienced webmasters will rarely recommend them – simply because you can get better deals elsewhere. In other words, choosing – the free website editing framework (not to be confused with – with a separate hosting provider is…

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This week we will be testing and reviewing another call center or virtual receptionist service – This company promises to innovate the call reception industry by combining the latest AI solutions with traditional answering service. Is this just a marketing trick or do they live up to the hype? Continue reading for a detailed review and analysis.

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5 Reasons Your Law Firm Website Is Not Ranking Well

You’ve created your law firm website and you’ve perform some basic search engine optimization with Yoast or similar tools. However, your legal website is still not ranking well. If this sounds like you, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will explain the five most common reasons law firm websites do not rank well in search engines, and provide you with potential solutions. In case you need help with on-page SEO, we advise that you check out our detailed guide on free SEO, before you continue reading this article. Now, let’s break down the five reasons behind your website’s low rankings. Reason 1: Your legal content is not good enough By far the most common reason law firm websites do not rank well lies in the quality of their content. In fact, this is true for all types of websites. According…

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SEO Terminology: Linking Terms Explained

Search engine optimization is not particularly hard, but it can be a daunting task for beginners. That is because SEO is full of technical terms and phrases, similar to any other profession. If you have been reading up on how to do SEO on your own, you may have come across a number of these terms, such as backlinks, deep linking and linkbaits. Unfortunately, most SEO experts don’t take the time to properly explain and define all the terms. Their main audience are other SEO professionals, and most of these terms are common knowledge for them. They’re everyday words and phrases for marketing experts. However, lawyers and other non-marketing professionals rarely use SEO terms. So, if you’ve ever been baffled by a term while reading on search engine optimization strategies, you’re not alone. In fact, almost everyone who has ever done any SEO has…

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Social Media for Lawyers: 5 Untapped Sources for Law Firms

With the latest controversies surrounding Facebook and data privacy, you may be thinking that the social media boom is slowly coming to an end. However, while the number of users has declined gradually over the years, social media platforms still represent one of the best sources of traffic for any website. Naturally, that includes law firms and legal companies. In this blog post, we will outline how you can use the power of social media to expand your outreach and receive more traffic. There is no need to write about Facebook or Instagram here, so we will focus on other, more underused social platforms where you can promote your law firm. Keep reading to find out where you can get more traffic to your website.

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