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If you’re serious about your law firm’s online marketing plan, you’ll want to hire an SEO services company.  There are hundreds of companies providing law firm SEO services, and it’s difficult to discern between the good and bad.

Searching for “best law firm SEO services” will lead you to one of many “top 100” lists.  Do not use these lists.  Many of these websites sell their top ranking positions to the highest bidder, instead of relying on customer satisfaction.

At Small Firm Legal Marketing, we give in-depth reviews of different SEO service companies.  We want you to know what to expect when hiring an SEO company, and what services you’re getting.  For a great overview of what you’re likely to see with SEO companies, we highly recommend our SEO for Lawyers guide.  After you have some basic understanding, let’s talk about some of the best (or biggest) SEO companies on the market:

Findlaw findlaw

Findlaw is the largest attorney SEO company in the world.  As a full service legal marketing site, they do everything from building websites, to content creation, to pay-per-click advertising.

The company’s biggest strength is its link building power.  Findlaw’s main site, which focuses on helping the public learn about the law, is a major authority site.  Since Google gives it serious weight in its search algorithm, any site that Findlaw links to will rise sharply in their ranking.  And if you sign up for Findlaw’s SEO services, they will use their website authority to boost your firm’s site significantly.

The problem with Findlaw, however, is that your SEO gains will not be permanent.  As soon as you leave Findlaw, the company will remove their backlinks to your site.  You will be back to where you started, several thousand dollars poorer.

Additionally, Findlaw locks you into a multiyear contract.  There’s no getting out once you’ve realized your mistake, or if you become dissatisfied with their service.

Small Firm Legal Marketing recommends Law Firm SEO Services that produce long-lasting improvements to a firm’s site, not quick fixes.  However, if you’re looking to dedicate your firm to a long-term commitment without needing permanent improvements (possibly for a mass tort or class action lawsuit), Findlaw may be the right fit for you.

Juris Digital

Juris Digital

Juris Digital prides itself on being a boutique SEO company of experts.  To maintain their level of expertise, the firm only hires those with proven track records in SEO.

While you might expect these experts to offer some sort of “secret technique” for SEO, they focus instead on the tried and true methods of SEO: content creation, social networking campaigns, and link building.  These techniques create long-lasting SEO ranking for your firm’s website.

Juris Digital is creative with link building; from infographics to charity campaigns, they understand how to create value and get your firm’s name out to the public.  And with their own in-house content team, you can be sure of the exceptional quality of work.

Additionally, Juris Digital’s contracts are month-to-month, and they refuse to work with any two competing law firms.  No problems with conflicts of interest or locking you into a long-term commitment.

As with all things premium, this top quality service comes with a high price tag.  Starting at $2000 per month for its SEO services, Juris Digital’s price might be out of range for some small law firms that are just starting out.

Despite it’s premium price, I believe you get what you pay for with Juris Digital.  You would be hard pressed to find a more knowledgeable SEO company.  If you’re looking for a top notch service that delivers consistent, long-lasting SEO benefits, Juris Digital is for you.

Legal Ranker

Legal Ranker Logo

Legal Ranker is a relatively new SEO services company for law firms.  Its CEO, Anthony Kantara, is an SEO expert who has designed a number of successful websites before venturing into providing SEO services for others.  As the chief SEO architect, Anthony is involved with all of his client’s projects, ensuring the quality meets his standards.

The company separates itself from the competition by using its proprietary SEO system.  This is one of the “secret techniques” mentioned earlier.  Legal Ranker has disclosed that this technique is 100% White Hat (i.e. not violating Google’s policies) and is more effective the more you work on it.  In other words, it’s not a quick fix that immediately boosts your SEO; it takes time and effort like most SEO techniques.

Legal Ranker’s “Six Month Guarantee” is also a major selling point.  The company guarantees that your SEO rank will improve in six months, even if you were working with Findlaw before.  Since Findlaw can boost website ranks easily, Legal Ranker guarantees they can replace the temporary SEO boost from Findlaw with real, long-term ranking in only six months.  That’s saying a lot.  If your SEO rank is not better in six months, Legal Ranker will work for free until it is.

The price is similar to Juris Digital, starting at $2000 per month (not including the 10% discount you can receive by mentioning this site).

If you’re trying to make the switch from Findlaw, Legal Ranker’s six-month guarantee is worth taking advantage of.  The services might not be the full marketing package that Juris Digital offers (charity campaigns, scholarships, etc.), but it is likely the best website-focused SEO company I’ve seen.  If you’re looking for more SEO and less general legal marketing, Legal Ranker is for you.

 Uptime JurisPage Uptime JurisPage

Uptime JurisPage is the “big law” of SEO services companies.  The company has multiple offices and has worked with hundreds of law firms.  Their success is likely attributed to their fundamental SEO philosophy: quality content over backlinks.

Quality content is the future-proof way for your website to succeed.  As Google’s search algorithm continues to change, each time focusing more on content than backlinks, sites that focus heavily on backlinks (see FindLaw) will lose ground to those who emphasize quality content.  JurisPage understands this well, which is why I really like their SEO strategy.

They write their content in-house for most practice areas.  If you practice in a more niche area, the company uses highly-vetted third parties for content.  The also pursue multiple backlink channels for your firm, including a number of legal directories.

They require a six-month contract for their services, but their price is very reasonable.  For $699 per month, JurisPage will offer their SEO services (content and backlinks), or for the same price, they will focus entirely on managing your blog and creating nuanced, quality content for your law firm.  For an additional $296, they will manage your PPC advertising, a service they pride themselves on because of their years of data on successful PPC campaigns.

JurisPage might be the best value in an SEO firm.  They have excellent SEO fundamentals and a very reasonable price.  You can’t go wrong with them, especially if you want to focus on building the foundation of your firm’s SEO strategy.

Don’t Forget

For full reviews of each law firm SEO services company, click on the links provided.  Also be sure to take advantage of any discounts or bonuses mentioned in the reviews.

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  1. Taq'uee HicksMay 19, 2017 at 1:26 pmReply

    This is a very sought after topic and I find that there are actually a lot of search results for small legal firm SEO services. Ironically, there is not a lot of competition for this particular topic which makes it very ideal for such a website. SEO happens to be a very familiar subject for me as I am in the mobile marketing arena. I would highly recommend your site for any small legal firm trying to get on the online map.

    1. MaxwellMay 23, 2017 at 10:30 amReply

      Thanks Taq’uee! You’re right that the legal marketing sphere is super competitive, and it can be difficult to determine what products are legitimate and what are not. While I’m reviewing the many attorney-focused products (albeit slowly), I’ve found A LOT of scammy companies, many of them in SEO. Additionally, I had a very bad experience with an SEO company at my firm, which inspired me to find the good ones.

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