The Best Hosting Companies for Lawyers and Law Firms

Last week, we brought you a detailed guide on how to choose the best hosting provider for your law firm website. However, that post provided general advice and primarily dealt with the factors that you should consider when choosing a website host. We understand that it may not be particularly useful for lawyers and attorneys who want a ready-made solution. To help you choose a host in the minimum amount of time, we have decided to expand that article with this week’s post. If you don’t want to bother with the specifications of each host, we’ve compiled the following list of the five best hosting companies for lawyers in the United States. Namecheap Having been around since 2000, Namecheap is the first hosting heavyweight on our list. The company may have started as a domain registrar, but over the years, they’ve gradually incorporated hosting…

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Amicus Attorney Review: Unjustified Investment For Small Firms

Amicus Attorney is the leading practice management solution that integrates all legal information into a single powerful system. Additionally, the software promises to improve the efficiency and productivity of small businesses and firms. Amicus does this by automating manual tasks and offering a solution that is available from virtually all types of devices, as it stores all data on the cloud. However, let’s carefully analyze this software program and discover if it’s truly as good as promised. Amicus Attorney Features When it comes to features, Amicus has done its best to provide law firms with all the necessary tools. This legal practice management software allows employees to manage documents and cases, integrates billing and invoicing, and even offers time tracking and productivity. As mentioned earlier, it relies on cloud technology to store all data and automates certain tasks and processes by implementing workflows. This…

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This week we will be testing and reviewing another call center or virtual receptionist service – This company promises to innovate the call reception industry by combining the latest AI solutions with traditional answering service. Is this just a marketing trick or do they live up to the hype? Continue reading for a detailed review and analysis.

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What Makes A Good Call Center Or Virtual Receptionist?

A virtual receptionist service can help a small law firm run more efficiently and take over a significant share of the work. What’s more, it can improve your brand image and grow your business exponentially. Many large firms have high-quality virtual receptionists to more efficiently use their resources and outperform their competitors. For many small firm lawyers as well, the benefits of a call center greatly outweigh the initial investment that’s necessary to set it up. However, not any virtual receptionist company is the same as the others. In fact, you need to be careful when you’re choosing your call center agent. If you pick a company that does not have experience in providing in the legal niche, you may end up paying them and getting next to nothing in return. What’s more, a bad virtual receptionist can even damage your law firm if they are inattentive and not empathetic to…

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Answer1 Review: Virtual Receptionist and Answering Service for Lawyers

Answer1 is a major player in the virtual receptionist/answering service market for lawyers.  Along with Ruby Receptionists, they are one of the top tier businesses in their industry.  Started in the 1980s as a traditional answering service for local businesses, Answer1 was one of the first virtual receptionist companies to adopt Voice Over IP (VoIP) and centralize their operations to serve the entire United States.  Today they are one of the giants of the industry, and you may have seen their advertisements across multiple mediums in legal marketing (podcasts, magazines, etc.). This review will take a closer look at Answer1’s services and how they compare to the other giant in the legal answering answering service space, Ruby Receptionists.  Let’s dive in:

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Legal Marketing: The BluShark Method vs. The Ben Glass Method

Ben Glass and BluShark Digital are two well-regarded legal marketing professionals/businesses who offer different styles of marketing help. Ben Glass written multiple books on the subject of legal marketing, and maintains a paid-members-only group online to help attorneys with their marketing efforts.  He also offers a digital marketing package that you can buy that contains a number of useful marketing materials you can use with your firm.  Ben holds conferences, blogs regularly, and manages a large legal newsletter. BluShark Digital, on the other hand, is one of the top legal SEO companies in the United States.  It actively manages the marketing programs of several successful law firms across the country, and the company’s founder appears on different legal marketing podcasts frequently. While these legal marketing titans may seem similar, their marketing programs couldn’t be more different.  This article will take a closer look at the…

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BluShark Digital Review: A Look at One of the Top Legal SEO Companies

Unlike a legal software product that you can demo before buying, SEO companies for law firms run on real results (i.e. more leads, more clients).  Each SEO company will have a beautiful website claiming to be the best in the industry, and they will show you how they were rated #1 by some random website.  Choosing the right company can be a stressful decision, since each SEO company promises the same great results. With BluShark Digital, I have seen first-hand the SEO services they provide, as they actually do the SEO/digital marketing work for my firm.  As I mention in my SEO Guide for Lawyers, personal recommendations mean a lot in choosing the SEO company that’s right for your firm.  BluShark Digital comes highly recommended by some of the major names in the Legal Marketing world (namely, those that I hear on the Maximum Lawyer podcast, which…

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