Does Facebook Advertising Work for Lawyers? See For Yourself for $5.00

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Facebook, by most measures, is the best bang for your buck when it comes to marketing products.

This is because you can target a very specific audience who will see your ad.  If you were selling gold earrings shaped like French Trumpets, you can narrow your audience to women, ages 18-35, who have an interest in the French Trumpet.

However, marketing legal services is different.  You’re not selling a thing, you’re selling a service that people only need sometimes.

One’s interests on Facebook usually don’t include “looking for my next lawyer.”  So how can lawyers take advantage of such a great platform as Facebook Ads?

The key is: specialize and localize.

What Not to Do

Take the example below:

Boring Advertisement









The advertisement is not offering anything special to the potential client; it’s only saying “buy this”  No one is interested in clicking on this ad, since they aren’t going to get anything valuable out of it without having to pay first.


People go to Facebook to read content: news articles, personal stories, and updates from celebrities.  If you make your advertisement more like content, people will want to click it.  But what kind of content can lawyers write?

First, pick a practice area.  You likely already specialize in one, but if you’re a jack-of-all-trades attorney, pick a practice area where you want more clients.

Next, write an article on the practice area that is tailored to the layperson, and make it sound like a typical Facebook article title.  “9 Important Tips if You’re Going Through a Divorce,” “I’ve Just Been Injured in a Car Accident.  What Do I Do Now?” “Don’t Fall for These Employment Contract Pitfalls”

DO NOT write a law review article.  You are writing a short blog post.

Take a lot of paragraph breaks.  Don’t use any legalese.


Once your blog post is up and ready to go, post it on your firm’s Facebook page.  It doesn’t matter if your page doesn’t have a lot of likes, or if you haven’t written anything in a while.  We’ll cover that in future blog posts.

Be sure to include a description of the article with the post in the same way that you made the title of the article.  For example, “Getting a Divorce is Already the Worst / But Some People Make These Really Simple Mistakes that Could Cost Them Thousands / We Cover the Biggest Ones So You Don’t Make Them”

Once you’ve posted the article, it’s time to advertise.  Use Facebook Business to create a new ad, using your firm’s blog post as the sponsored ad.

When you target the ad, make sure you focus on your city or metropolitan area and the normal age range of your typical clients.

Start off with $5.00 and see where it gets you.  $5.00 will usually last you only a few days, if that.

After the ad campaign ends, check the stats to see how many people saw your ad, and how many people clicked through.  You should get around 20 clicks.

Rinse and Repeat

Keep track of your Reach (how many people saw your ad) vs. Clicks.  A good ad has a high click/reach ratio or click through rate (CTR).

Write another article and do the same campaign for $5.00.  When your article gets a relatively high CTR, you might want to put more money into another ad campaign using that same article.

Getting one client can mean thousands in revenue.  The return on investment for lawyers advertising on facebook is astronomical if done correctly.

6 thoughts on “Does Facebook Advertising Work for Lawyers? See For Yourself for $5.00”

  1. I think you hit the nail on the head when talking about how you need to offer something instead of just saying buy here. That is very off putting.

    By giving content for the viewers to engage with they are way more likely to click on it instead of something that just says buy this.

    What do you think is the most important part in reaching people who will actually use your service. For example “9 tips for somebody going through a divorce” I am likely to click on that in the right mood even though I am not going through a divorce.

    What are the best sort of taglines to capture the minds of people looking for a service?

    1. Thanks for the comment, Brad. I think that even if you aren’t going through a divorce, you might still click on the ad just for your own edification. Hopefully, by clicking through, you’re more likely to remember who brought you the information so the next time you (or more likely, someone you know) needs a divorce attorney, you can say that you know of one. Alternatively, if you have a close friend going through a divorce or considering it, you might want to share the link (probably not publicly though) to your friend to help him/her out.

      Taglines are tough because you want to find the sweet spot where it’s not SO gimmicky and yet compelling enough to bring in the clicks. I would look at the way buzzfeed, jezebel, salon, or business insider titles their posts to get an idea of what drives the most clicks. The best sort of taglines are the ones that work and are the most appropriate for your site. Sorry I can’t give you more concrete examples, but check out those websites and see if you can make your service work fit into one of the titles.

  2. Great piece buddy. I’m not a lawyer, but even I knows that the return on investment of Facebook ads is quite substantial. For just a few dollars, you can get thousands of legal fees lol.

    I’m also thinking of starting my own business, so this marketing campaign strategy is definitely viable. By the way, you mentioned about 20 click for $5. It’s that a rule of thumb of sort for Facebook ads?

    1. Today the 25c per click for facebook is a general rule of thumb for your standard ad. It might be slightly less or more, but for your average ad for any product, it’s usually the rate that you end up with.

  3. Hello and thanks for sharing, the power of social media is so awesome, when you think of the amount of people that you can reach this way is just so great. We live in a time when reaching so many people is made simple. As long as you have the right products and you are marketing the right way you are sure to win. Many people are having much success because of social media. Social media has really change the way we do business and that is a good thing. Thanks again for sharing.

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