Juris Digital Review: SEO Services for Lawyers

Juris Digital

Juris Digital is a boutique firm providing premium SEO Services for Lawyers.  Like most SEO companies in its field, Juris Digital offer site building, optimization, in addition to traditional forms of SEO marketing.  This review of Juris Digital will take a look at what sets the company apart from its competition, and who might benefit from their services.

Juris Digital’s Boutique Style

Just as you’d expect in a boutique law firm, Juris Digital has a very selective hiring process.  The company only employs those with an established expertise in SEO.  This high level of expertise allows them to provide the best product without farming out any work to third parties.  Everything is done in house at Juris Digital, including content creation, a task that most SEO companies choose to outsource.

Despite its small size, Juris Digital has a large presence on the internet.  Its employees are top contributors to MOZ.com, which most in the field consider as the best website for SEO news and strategies.

Juris Digital prides itself on attention to detail and customer experience.  As different firms want to market themselves differently, Juris Digital will tailor its SEO campaign to best represent the the client’s digital brand.  If you’ve read our SEO for Lawyers guide, this tailoring comes into play when you’re social networking and link building with organizations you want your firm to be associated with.

Web Design

Juris Digital’s design work is very impressive.  Take a look at their design for a San Jose personal injury firm, which won 2017 web design award from lawyerist.com:

Juris Digital Website Design

If you’ve read our post on Conversion Rate Optimization for Lawyers, you’ll notice that this site has everything: multiple calls to action, a unique selling proposition, and an obvious practice area.  It has a comforting blue aesthetic and professional font.  It’s no wonder this design won an award.

JurisXpress Web Design

For particular clients, Juris Digital offers JurisXpress websites.  These premade websites are perfect for attorneys who need a website immediately or temporarily.  Mass tort attorneys, for example, would benefit from the cheap and temporary nature of a JurisXpress website.

The JurisXpress websites are optimized for mobile and look very nice for a temporary fix:

JurisXpress Design

Short Contracts and Exclusivity

The firm only requires a 30-day notice for cancellation, which is a huge plus in our book.  As we’ve discussed before on Small Firm Legal Marketing, many mediocre SEO companies trap its clients in a 6-month or 1-year contract.  Meanwhile, the law firm is stuck paying too much money for a poor service they can’t get out of.  If an SEO company provides quality services, they aren’t afraid of losing your business.

Furthermore, Juris Digital will not work with any two law firms of the same practice area in the same geographic location.  Therefore, no problems with a conflict of interest.

SEO Service Plan

Juris Digital uses a wide array of White Hat (ethical) SEO strategies.  They create infographics, launch charity campaigns (an idea we’ve mentioned here), and sponsor local events.

The firm’s content is top quality.  As a content piece for a personal injury firm, Juris Digital created an “accident map” of the city, highlighting the intersections where the most accidents happen.

This is the bread and butter of SEO link building.  You either have to create interesting content or partner with authority sites.  Juris Digital knows this, as they’ve done every SEO strategy there is.  No tricks or “secret sauce”; just focusing attention on the tried and true methods of SEO.


The widespread expertise of this boutique firm isn’t free.  It’ll cost $2,000 and up per month for SEO management, and $3,500 and up to create your website.  Fortunately, the price for SEO is comparable to other premium SEO companies.  The web design cost, however, is on the upper end.

JurisXpress’s premade web design will cost you $279 per month, which is a fantastic price for what you’re getting.  If you need an immediate or temporary professional website, I could not recommend this product more highly.

Juris Digital also offers “Website Auditing,” which creates a website design plan for you and your firm.  The service is around $5,000 depending on the size of the website.  This is the first time I’ve seen website auditing from an SEO company, but the $5,000 seems quite high for only an analysis.

My Recommendation

Juris Digital offers a premium SEO management service for a premium price.  If you’re trying to save on your legal marketing budget, this isn’t the right company for you.  This service is for attorneys who are serious about their legal marketing plan and are looking for big results.

You will receive high quality service from the SEO experts at Juris Digital.  Everything is tailored to your firm, which is especially great if you like to be hands on with your firm’s image.

The firm’s web design is also high quality, but for the sticker price of $3,500 and up, I would expect it to be.  You are getting the best work with Juris Digital, but there are slightly cheaper and still high-quality web design companies out there.  But for reasons of efficiency, you might want to use the firm for web design and SEO, since they would understand everything that’s behind the hood of your site.

For readers of Small Firm Legal Marketing, Juris Digital is offering a Free Initial Analysis for your website.  It’s not a full “Website Audit,” but they’ll conduct a competition analysis for your firm, look at your competitors, and give you some insight on which ways to develop your firm’s website.  Just mention Small Firm Legal Marketing when you ask for the free analysis.


If you’re interested in SEO services for attorneys, check out our post of The Best Law Firm SEO Services to find the best one for your practice.

As usual, thanks for reading.  What do you look for in an SEO Company?  What’s your firm’s budget for an SEO company?  Please leave all feedback in the comments section below.

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  1. CollinsMay 21, 2017 at 2:39 amReply

    Juris digital, A lot of good benefits but the cost for the SEO management, $2000? and $3500 for website creation, that’s a small fortune. But I guess those who need it will have to pay.
    I admire the benefits though. Just wish I could get it at a lesser fee…Lol

    1. MaxwellMay 23, 2017 at 10:27 amReply

      Ain’t that the truth. Unfortunately, in the hyper-competitive world of attorney marketing, that’s the standard price you pay for a premium SEO service in a tough market. It’s definitely on the upper end (and maybe too expensive for the web design), but the SEO quality you receive is bar none.

  2. jhonbransOctober 18, 2017 at 9:23 amReply

    Your article is very unique and powerful for new reader.

    1. MaxwellOctober 18, 2017 at 9:41 amReply

      Thanks, jhonbrans! Please let me know if you have any questions about anything I wrote. I would be happy to elaborate.

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