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Lexicata Review: Features, Pricing, and More

May 1, 2017
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Lexicata is a cloud-based program to help lawyers with Client Intake and Client Relationship Management (CRM).  These two areas are essential to any lawyer who wants to streamline their office operations.  The right management tool can save you hundreds of hours every year.

Many applications in the market specialize in either CRM or Client Intake, so I was skeptical about a package deal.  Plus, a lot case management software (like Clio or PracticePanther) already provide these services within their software, so why would I want something separate?

The short answer: Lexicata’s Client Intake and CRM are much better than anything I’ve found in case management software.

Of course, Lexicata is not for every law firm.  This review will break down if Lexicata is right for you.

Client Relationship Management (CRM) Features

Lexicata CRM

You can view your client matters by clicking on the left navigation bar, or you can select by category (intake or hired).  Within each category, you can create your own custom statuses for each step within the category.  For example, as a personal injury attorney, I would have the statuses of “initial,” “demand sent,” and “litigation.”  Each matter also has a Notes tab, so you can keep track or explain any particularities with the case.

Within the program, you can create your own email templates for any occasion (thank you’s, reminders, confirmations).  Lexicata syncs with your email, so you can send emails from your law firm’s email address.  You can schedule these emails to send automatically or by clicking a button.

Automated Email

Lexicata Scheduling

Lexicata will also streamline your appointment scheduling.  It syncs up with your calendar, so you can create an appointment and send a confirmation email with a click.

Client Intake

Intake Dashboard

CRM is only half of what Lexicata can do.  The other half is client intake.  As you can see in the picture above, your client pipeline shows the status of each of your new clients.  To add new clients or new matters, you can enter in the information manually, or you can have the client complete his own intake online.  Let me explain this process:

You send the client a link (in a automatic or custom email from Lexicata) to a page where he/she can fill out all the information your firm needs to input a new client.  Each form is customizable and aesthetically pleasing with your law firm’s letterhead at the top (in the above picture, Lexicata is using their company’s letterhead).  After the client submits their information, it will instantly transfer to your Lexicata account.  If the client doesn’t respond to your link, you can set up automated emails to remind the client to fill out the form.

You can customize multiple forms for different uses, including retainer agreements.


Lexicata has its own e-signature program that allows clients to initial or sign legal agreements with their mouse and keyboard.  The e-signature program uses bank-grade security encryption, so your documents will be private and secure.  You just upload your firm’s retainer agreement and tell Lexicata the places for signatures or initials.  After the client signs, the document will be securely saved in the cloud and accessible from your Lexicata account.

Legal Marketing and Integrations

Lexicata Marketing

Not only does Lexicata provide Client Intake, it will show you the statistics on where your clients are coming from.  Tracking your legal marketing results is a major theme on Small Firm Legal Marketing, and Lexicata makes that easy for you.  While you’re experimenting with other legal marketing strategies, you’ll be able to track what’s working and what isn’t through Lexicata’s Client Intake dashboard.

If you use Clio as your case management software, Lexicata will automatically sync its information with your Clio account.  However, only 25% of Lexicata users use Clio, so if you use PracticePanther or another software, syncing is still possible.  It requires an extra step, either using Zapier (an application that connects different programs) or by downloading and uploading the .csv file to your case management software.

Lexicata Integrations

Lexicata will also integrate with your law firm’s website.  If you’ve followed our tips on Conversion Rate Optimization, you’ll have an easy contact form available on your site’s homepage.  With Lexicata, contact information submitted from your website will instantly transfer to your Lexicata account.

Lexicata also integrates with a number of legal intake call centers, including our favorite, Alert Communications.

Pricing and Discount

With a month-by-month contract, Lexicata will cost you $49 per month for the first user, and $25 per month for each additional user.  If you sign up for the annual plan, it’ll cost $40 for the first user and $20 for each additional.  If you mention Small Firm Legal Marketing, they’ll take off $50 from the annual plan.

My Conclusion

Lexicata does two things very well: Client Intake and CRM.  Lawyers with a large client base (e.g. personal injury lawyers) would seriously benefit from this program, as it will improve your legal marketing efforts through maximizing client referrals, in addition to saving dozens of hours per year.  However, if you’re practicing medical malpractice, or work on very few cases per year, Lexicata would not be the best fit for your law firm.

A central pillar of Small Firm Legal Marketing’s recommendations is to maintain contact with your clients.  It’s time-consuming to write emails from scratch, and Lexicata makes keeping in contact with your clients very simple.  Additionally, Lexicata’s data analytics makes tracking your legal marketing efforts a lot easier.  I would highly recommend Lexicata as a great beginner’s step to improving your firm’s legal marketing strategy.


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