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Dear Readers of SFLM,

Apologies for my posts being too few and far between.  For the past few months, I’ve been focusing a lot of time and energy into a new personal injury website.  Now that the site is officially up and running, with new pages of content coming in every day, I’m happy to announce its launch.  You can find it at

While I purchased the domain 4 months ago, the content has only been rolling out for approximately a week and a half.  Instead of going through a major web design/SEO management company, I decided to split up each task (domain purchase, web design, content creation, etc.), and then outsource each task to a specialist in that field and oversee their work.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be breaking down exactly how I determined what domain to buy, what keywords to focus on, what locations to target, and how I got the best value for my money.

And of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that if you need a personal injury lawyer in the greater Houston area (including Sugar Land, Missouri City, and Rosenberg), please reach out to me at Lone Star Injury Attorneys, PLLC.

Thank you for your readership, and look forward to more regular posts at SFLM.

Very Truly Yours,


1 thought on “New Personal Injury Website”

  1. Hey Maxwell, the site looks great.

    I especially like the clean look and layout, the unique choice of blue, the photos, actually pretty much everything about the design.

    The 4+ seconds page load speed though has to be addressed. I am going to respectfully disagree on all of your recommended web hosting solutions — that alone can have a big impact on your load speed and pingdom and the other tools can’t evaluate that.

    Having been through this with various clients, I suggest you check out WPX hosting. It comes with a free CDN and they’re WordPress specialists. No, they’re not dirt cheap but worth it.

    Who is doing the SEO?

    I suggest they consider removing “Home” from the nav and just linking your logo there. Given the header nav sends google information about your site topic, that first header nav should be an important keyword like “Houston” “personal injury” or “accidents” given the competitiveness of PI. (I’ve top-ranked PI accident attorneys in SF, the most competitive market in US, so not just blowing smoke.)

    If nothing else, certainly make “Practice Areas” the first option in that nav, as google ranks them from left to right in terms of importance, just how we read.

    None of this is my idea, all part of siloing a site correctly and there are plenty of resources online about that topic.

    I also look forward to hearing your experience outsourcing various pieces of this build to specialists. I recently recommended the same to a legal mastermind FB group I’m part of, and I don’t think it went over well. So I linked to your blog — you now have folks waiting to hear how that went 🙂

    Anyway, great start on a new site and I look forward to watching it develop.

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