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Our Product Review Policy

There are hundreds of marketing programs, intake services, and management software that are geared toward attorneys.  They all claim to save you time, increase your client base, or bring in more revenue.  As with all things on the internet, most of these products are not worth your money, and some of them are outright scams.  I’ve been burned plenty of times in the past, but through those negative experiences, I can now tell which products or services are legitimate, and which want your money to provide you with information easily found for free elsewhere on the internet.

The Small Firm Legal Marketing GUARANTEE

A lawyer’s reputation is everything, and similarly, my site’s reputation is everything to me.  I would never recommend a product that I wouldn’t use myself, or that I don’t believe to be legitimate.  Some products geared toward lawyers are deceptive, misleading, or a complete waste of money.  Before writing any review, I make sure I seek out the negative reviews of it on the internet to see who might not benefit from the product, even if the majority of feedback is positive.

With the internet marketplace as competitive as it is, some companies will have their employees write negative reviews of their competitor’s product.  And many companies attribute the negative reviews of their own company to their competitors writing false reviews.  I read all the reviews, legitimate or not, to get the full impression of how the company treats its customers.

I also use or demo all of the products that I can.  Fortunately, many of the companies allow me to get a full feel of the product before I write my review.  I often speak with representatives from the company to answer any questions I have about the product.

Each review takes hours of research and testing.  I want to be sure that I understand all there is about the product and can answer any questions about it in the comments if need be.

The Rating System

I usually don’t rate a product in a score out of ten.  Some products might be 10/10 for some, and 2/10 for others, depending on what you like and what you’re looking for.  I try to be as explicit as possible in which people will like the product, and which will not.

If you’ve had a different experience with the product, I strongly encourage you to leave your feedback for the product in the comment section.  Feel free to be negative.  I don’t have a monopoly on criticism, and I may have missed some important points about the product that others have found more concerning.

Do You Have a Product for Me to Review?

While I try to cover as many products as possible, there will always be plenty of legal marketing products and strategies that I haven’t reviewed or tried.  If you would like me to review one, please comment with the product name on any of my posts (I read all the comments), and I will be more than happy to write a review in the future.