3 Simple Ways To Improve Your Law Firm Visibility

In our previous blog posts, we explained how you can use search engine optimization and paid search advertising to get more people to visit your website. Here, we will present you with 3 simple, actionable techniques that you can use to improve your law firm’s visibility on the Internet.

Attorneys often think that they don’t need to invest any time or money in digital marketing. After all, their legal expertise is almost unmatched and positive results in the courtrooms are the best type of marketing, right?


While it’s true that lawyers can attain many clients through the quality of their services alone, a lawyer or a law firm that is looking to grow its business needs to adapt itself to the latest industry trends.  The “do good work and the clients will come” adage is less true today than it was thirty years ago.

This means you need to implement search engine optimization to create a compelling website copy that will attract new customers. However, this is easier said than done.

We understand that you might not have the time or the will to bother with  all the SEO and marketing techniques. That’s why this article will not focus on the technical side of website optimization. Here, we will provide you with simple pieces of advice that will help you improve your online presence with little effort.

What’s more, you can even implement these changes and follow our advice with next to no financial investment. Continue reading for more details on how to improve your law firm’s visibility on the Internet.

3 actionable pieces of advice for improving your law firm’s online presence

Create a specialized page for each service

Legal Services

We touched on the importance of proper on-page optimization in earlier blogs posts as well, but this really cannot be emphasized enough. Your website simply must have specialized pages for each legal service that you offer.

Attorneys and legal experts wrongly assume that it’s better to put all their service on one page, so that the visitor doesn’t have to look around the website for information. Don’t get us wrong, it’s perfectly fine to create a Services page with all the legal services listed out.

However, you should always have separate pages for each practice area that your firm does. Moreover, they should be easy to locate and use. Try to implement them on the top-level menu, for example.

This will help your prospective clients navigate your website more easily and provide a more enjoyable viewing experience. Needless to say, this will also help you get more targeted traffic to your website.

Include client reviews and make them prominent

Another simple way to improve your online presence is through client reviews. Reach out to your past or current clients and ask them to contribute a short review of your service.  I would recommend that they review your website on Google for the most visibility, but Avvo/Yelp/Facebook will also help.

Select the best reviews and implement them on your website. Make them prominent. Let your website visitors clearly and quickly see what people think of your legal company.

Not only will the good reviews improve your website, but they will also help you identify the potential errors that you made in the past. Do not hesitate to ask your clients for suggestions on how you can improve your service. This feedback can help you improve your website and your communication with people.

It’s a clear win-win situation.

Use graphic and video content

Law Firm Visibility - Video Content

Large blocks of text just look dull. No one really wants or has time to read pages and pages of written content nowadays. That’s why it’s important to complement your writing with interesting pictures and video.

In fact, video content is particularly useful here. Videos are more engaging than written content or images and they can help you create a bond with your visitors and potential clients. This is especially important because lawyers and attorneys are among the least trusted professions in the country.

Here are a few simple ways to include more video content on your website:

  • You can create an FAQ section with video answers
  • Introduce each staff member with a video in which they describe themselves. This will allow your potential clients to meet their legal team.
  • If available, you can even include courtroom recordings or interviews that you or your staff gave in the past.

In the end, let us stress out to importance of videos once more, because very few law firms use videos on their website. This means video content is probably your best chance to stand out among the crowd. So, don’t let a precious opportunity like this go to waste.  And if you use pictures from the internet, do make sure they are not protected by copyright.

If you’re looking for more ways to optimize your law firm website, you can browse through our blog for more legal marketing advice. In case you want to see what a top legal SEO company does, we advise you to check out our piece on BluShark Digital, a leading SEO company in the legal niche.

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