Small Firm legal marketing strategies

Small Firm attorneys usually think that “legal marketing strategies” means billboards, yellow page ads, and cheap television commercials.  The truth is your money is better spent elsewhere.

A local television commercial (something lawyers in my practice area are known for particularly) will cost you thousands of dollars at a minimum.  And the worst part is that most people watching your ad do not need a lawyer.

With online marketing, you can target people who are actively looking for lawyers.

This is the magic of legal marketing in the internet age. You can target your ads to the right
people instead of putting your name everywhere and hoping clients come in.

Small firms, even in big cities, do not need to spend significant amount to attract new clients.  Instead, they just need to use the tools that are available to them in 2017.  And believe it or not, many of these tools are free.

At Small Firm Legal Marketing, we will be covering the most helpful tools for small firm lawyers in the 21st century, and how YOU can get the edge over your local competitors by practicing the most effective legal marketing strategies today.  These include:

  • Improving Your Firm’s SEO Yourself (no advanced technical knowledge needed)
  • Enhancing Your Website’s Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
  • Hiring the Right Marketing Consultants
  • Maintaining a Powerful Online Presence
  • Spending Your Money on Effective Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads

By reading Small Firm Legal Marketing, you will become better equipped to take of the digital age of marketing for law firms.  While your competitors use obsolete advertising tactics or overpay for digital marketing consultants, you will be learning the best techniques for law firm advertising in 2017 and staying on top of the most effective trends

You may still want to hire an outside company to help you with your marketing plan, but you’ll be able to tell the difference between a good legal marketing company and a bad one.

This website is intended for lawyers of any technical skill.  We will cover tried and true as well as experimental legal marketing strategies.  Use what you think works for you, but knowing of all your firm’s marketing possibilities will only benefit your firm.

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