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Amicus Attorney Review: Unjustified Investment For Small Firms

April 17, 2019
Amicus Attorney

Amicus Attorney is the leading practice management solution that integrates all legal information into a single powerful system. Additionally, the software promises to improve the efficiency and productivity of small businesses and firms.

Amicus does this by automating manual tasks and offering a solution that is available from virtually all types of devices, as it stores all data on the cloud.

However, let’s carefully analyze this software program and discover if it’s truly as good as promised.

Amicus Attorney Features

Amicus Attorney Review

When it comes to features, Amicus has done its best to provide law firms with all the necessary tools. This legal practice management software allows employees to manage documents and cases, integrates billing and invoicing, and even offers time tracking and productivity.

As mentioned earlier, it relies on cloud technology to store all data and automates certain tasks and processes by implementing workflows. This significantly increases the efficiency of the company and allows the employees to focus on what truly matters – building relationships with clients.

However, Amicus Attorney is far from the perfect solution.

The program has no integrated mail feature, which means you will probably need to send your emails outside of Amicus. You can integrate Outlook or G Suite to make the work somewhat easier, but that’s still not good enough.

Most modern CRMs integrate a wide variety of email providers, and this is the most notable downside of Amicus so far. In addition to that, the program offers no premade email templates, which is another unfortunate fact.

Still, it allows you to manage your calendar and accounting from one place, unlike many other CRMs. It also provide businesses with a complete client portal, but this comes at a price. Amicus Attorney has no Live Chat integrated, which represents another unwelcome surprise.

The company offers live training and support to help businesses adopt their solution. However, that’s the industry standard and it’s unclear whether Amicus offers any special support to new clients.

Amicus Attorney Pricing

Amicus Attorney goes to lengths to obscure its price and hide it from plain sight. In fact, it’s impossible to find the pricing plans for Amicus Attorney on the Abacus’ website.  It’s not rare to find this for big contracts (like SEO firms), but it’s surprising to see for software. It leaves us wondering how much they care about the user experience of their visitors when nearly all of their competitors list their price online.

We have managed to find that Amicus Attorney costs $47 per user per month. The price is relatively affordable, although it doesn’t offer much compared to it’s competitors.  And considering the fact that many users complain about the increased prices, we are unsure whether this price is up to date.

We will be honest – these problems regarding lack of transparency in their pricing raises concerns for us.

Amicus Attorney Reviews

Amicus Attorney Reviews

Although many users praise Amicus Attorney as a great solution, their reviews can only be described as mixed.

A significant portion of their clients complains of the high learning curve for new businesses, asking for better training and education. While most users praise the platform for its overall functionality, others note that the solution is not as organized as it should be.  A lot of the best software also have a steep learning curve, and we would hope that the company provides its users with adequate training materials.  

It can be hard to navigate data, especially if you store large amounts of customer information, according to some reviewers. The user interface could use an update as well.

Negative reviewers also point out the fact that the software price has seen a sudden jump in 2016, when Amicus was taken over by Abacus Corp. Even the tech support seems to have suffered due to this takeover.


We will conclude our Amicus Attorney review by pointing out that Amicus is undoubtedly a powerful software. Sadly, it just doesn’t seem to live up to its hype in the eyes of many users. We also find that the lack of transparency that their parent company Abacus Corp has showcased does not help it in the eyes of its users.

If you need a legal CRM to help grow your small business, we recommend that you look elsewhere. Amicus Attorney is a decent solution, but for the price, you can likely find better software that provides more features.

There is a sea of legal CRMs to choose from. We recommend that you invest your money elsewhere.  So far, our favorite CRM-focused software (NOT case management) is Lexicata.  Check out our review here.

Have you used Amicus Attorney?  Have we missed something?  Please leave your feedback in the comments below.


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