Intake Conversion Experts (ICE) Review

Intake Conversion Experts (known as ICE for short) is a 24/7 legal intake answering service specializing in mass tort cases.  100% of their clients are mass tort law firms.  This review will give an overview of some of the best features of ICE, and which attorneys would benefit most from their services.

The Intake Conversion Experts ICE Call Center

ICE was founded by Gary Falkowitz, a former Managing Attorney of the law firm Parker Waichman, one of New York’s largest in personal injury.  Gary started the company with the founders of Captora, a client relationship management (CRM) software company.  While the two companies operate separately, the ICE team’s thorough understanding of Captora makes them more effective and detail-oriented.

ICE has over 150 clients, all of them mass tort law firms.  50% of their call center staff speak Spanish, and the company uses 3rd party interpreter services for any other languages needed.

The ICE Method

ICE Method

The operative word for the Intake Conversion Experts is “conversion”.  Like many call centers, ICE will take the client through retention.  All digital signatures are secured by AssureSign software.

They hire their staff at the call center based on their skills as salespeople, not their legal knowledge.  ICE focuses on empathy, which is also how Alert Communications runs its hiring process.

ICE’s call center staff use the technique of “brag lines” in their intake process.  When possible, the ICE member will include a notable quality about the law firm (e.g. “SFLM has been taking care of their mass tort clients for 40 years,” or “SFLM has earned over 100 million dollars for victims of X.”) to make the client more comfortable.

ICE will work directly with law firms, or with their media company.  80% of ICE’s work is with targeted media campaigns.  The other 20% is following up on a firm’s list of leads (either raw or qualified leads).

Price and Discount

Each campaign comes with a $2,000 set up cost, which provides for acquainting the call staff with the lawsuit and preparing the appropriate documents.

From there, ICE charges per qualified, signed up client.  They do not price based on time spent talking, or sorting through unqualified clients. You’ll only pay for each future client of yours.

The first 25 clients are usually $500 each.  Clients #26-100 are $400 each.  Clients #101+ are $300 each.  This number (and its corresponding rate) also carries over to any future campaigns you do with ICE.

However, for readers of Small Firm Legal Marketing, Intake Conversion Experts will reduce their price for the first 25 clients to $400 (a $2,500 value).  Additionally, you’ll receive a $500 discount on your set up cost.  Just sign up through this link or mention Small Firm Legal Marketing to claim your discount.

My Conclusion

Intake Conversion Experts is not an overflow/after hours call center to employ year-round for your firm.  They focus on specific, targeted mass tort campaigns.  If you are looking for a call center to use regularly for your office, I would recommend something more like Alert Communications.

My favorite part about ICE is that they charge per qualified, signed up client.  That is really the way to go for mass tort campaigns.  Paying by the hour is a gamble, and you would incentivize the call staff to (subconsciously or not) keep the client on the phone for longer, even if they aren’t qualified.

I also like their price.  As we’ve talked about before, lawyers will pay a lot for Google ads alone.  Imagine what they would pay for a qualified, signed up client!  For me, $400 per client sounds reasonable.

Their company’s understanding of Captora software makes me feel comfortable that they have a proven system of client record-keeping.  I would highly recommend Intake Conversion Experts for any mass tort law firm looking for a reliable call center.


Have you used Intake Conversion Experts before?  Do you know any firm that has?  Is there anything I left out in my review?  Feels free to add all questions and thoughts in the comments section below.

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