Personal News: Moving To Houston!

Hello Faithful Readers of SFLM,

On a personal note, I am moving from Washington D.C. to Houston, Texas in mid-March 2019.  Washington D.C. has treated me well, but Texas is attractive for many entrepreneurial reasons, and more importantly, I will be closer to family.

With this fresh start in a new location, I’ll be launching a brand new personal injury law firm.  The domain name is purchased, and the website is in development (I’ll let you know once it’s up). This will be a case study in starting from scratch and using the strategies found in this blog to bring in clients.  The SEO will be done in-house to start, but the website development will be outsourced.

This will not change the regular posting done here at Small Firm Legal Marketing.  It will, however, delay the launch of the SFLM newsletter, but please feel free to sign up now to get the inaugural emails from SFLM, which will include additional marketing tips, advice, and strategies.

I’ve also noticed that my articles have not been posting automatically to our facebook page as I had originally intended.  It is now fixed for all future posts.  If you haven’t liked the page already, feel free to like, share, or comment as you see fit.

Feel free to add any encouraging words or questions in the comments section below!



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