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BluShark Digital Review: A Look at One of the Top Legal SEO Companies

August 13, 2018

Unlike a legal software product that you can demo before buying, SEO companies for law firms run on real results (i.e. more leads, more clients).  Each SEO company will have a beautiful website claiming to be the best in the industry, and they will show you how they were rated #1 by some random website.  Choosing the right company can be a stressful decision, since each SEO company promises the same great results.

With BluShark Digital, I have seen first-hand the SEO services they provide, as they actually do the SEO/digital marketing work for my firm.  As I mention in my SEO Guide for Lawyers, personal recommendations mean a lot in choosing the SEO company that’s right for your firm.  BluShark Digital comes highly recommended by some of the major names in the Legal Marketing world (namely, those that I hear on the Maximum Lawyer podcast, which I also highly recommend).  BluShark was originally the in-house marketing team for my firm (mentioned in my previous post), and was first founded by the my firm’s managing partner.  But now it’s its own entity, providing marketing/SEO services for other law firms across the country.

Website Design

Web design is included as a part of the Blushark’s SEO service.  Most importantly about this is that the law firm will own the website that Blushark creates for you, even after you end your contract with Blushark.  They have top-tier web designers that showcase what a good law firm website needs: Calls to Action, Responsiveness, Online Forms, Live Chat (i.e. the essentials for Conversation Rate Optimization).  Take a look at some examples:

Law Firm SEO Web Design 1


Law Firm SEO Web Design 2


Law Firm SEO Web Design 3

Blushark’s philosophy is that beautiful web design should be a given when you pay for a law firm marketing service/SEO service.  Having a good website is the easy part, getting potential client to see your site is the hard part.

Law Firm SEO Fundamentals: Contentcontent for lawyers

Every attorney has a website, but few of them ever put enough useful content on there to make their site appear in a Google search.  Blushark Digital creates a lot content for your website in a rather creative ways.  Blushark has requested that I not reveal one of their best methods in this review, but they will tell you about it in your initial consultation with them.

Lawyers don’t want to worry about creating enough content, or making sure that their content writers are accurately representing the law.  BluShark Digital’s methods provide a ton of accurate, authoritative content on whatever subject you want.

In my previous firm, we shelled out thousands of dollars to a legal marketing/SEO company for a very nice website and almost no content (I believe there were three or four posts in six months).  We had a great product, but no one to see it.  The SEO company improved our Google page rankings in multiple categories from page 10 to page 7, which doesn’t add up to much.

As Google keeps tweaking its algorithm every year, having authoritative content is increasing in importance.  It should be the main focus of any SEO company, and BluShark Digital agrees.

Law Firm SEO Fundamentals: Backlinks

SEO companies used to get away with providing quantity over quality when it came to backlinks.    BluShark Digital understands that in today’s internet, it’s better to have fewer, high authority links (e.g. from the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, etc.) than a lot of backlinks from smaller websites.  But of course, these high authority sites aren’t just giving away backlinks to any law firm that contacts them.

Instead, BluShark focuses on attainable backlinks from local authoritative sites.  Google pays attention to authority within a localized area to show you search results; this is why if you search “restaurant” it’ll give you suggestions in your area instead of the best restaurant links in the world.

It’s not practical to start your law firm’s legal marketing campaign by looking for appearances in big nationwide publications.  BluShark instead narrows in on powerful local backlinks to get your site seen as a local authority for your practice area.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC can get expensive.  You already know that keywords for lawyers are some of the most expensive out there.  But it’s more than just choosing the right terms and throwing in your money.  A good SEO company will use its data on what keywords are producing the greatest conversion, and what kind of advertising copy is attracting your potential clients.PPC SEO Pay for Clicks

Also, the better and more relevant your content is, the cheaper Google will charge you to advertise.  Good content should be the precursor to a PPC program, but if you ‘re already getting quality content from your SEO company, it won’t be a problem.

BluShark has years of data to direct them on how to run a successful PPC campaign.  Namely, making sure that what you get out of it (in attorney’s fees from new clients) is much greater than the amount you spend on the campaign.

Pricing and Bonus

Pricing for BluShark Digital‘s services depends on your firm’s location and the competitive SEO environment of your area.  It’s a premium service, so be expected to pay a premium price.  For the quality that you receive, your attorney’s fees should pay back the marketing fees many times over.

And if you mention Small Firm Legal Marketing, you get a free $300 worth of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.  

My Recommendation

Of course, I’ve only used a limited number SEO companies in my time as an attorney.  I have reviewed several SEO companies by talking to the owners and looking at the client portal, but this was never a guarantee of quality service.  Personal recommendations from current legal SEO clients are what matter most, and that’s why I strongly recommend BluShark for your legal SEO company.

Because of the work BluShark does, my firm is number one in Google for nearly legal search terms in my practice area, and we’re getting new clients for very high value personal injury cases daily.  I could not understate the importance of our SEO team, and how they help the firm’s bottom line.  If you’re looking for a personal recommendation, BluShark is my number one pick.

I’ve experienced sub-par SEO companies.  I had one that never got my firm to the first page of google for any keyword. Their content production was decent at first, but fell off very quickly.  It seemed like they were slowly bleeding the firm without doing very much work, and waiting for us to fire them.  (And if I recall correctly, they charged somewhere between $3,000 to $6,000 per month for it).

BluShark is a premium product with a premium price, but its value it provides for a law firm far exceeds the amount you pay for the service.  I recommend this legal SEO company to any firm, large or small.


Disclosure: As I mentioned in my previous post, the founder of BluShark is the managing partner of my firm.

Have you heard of BluShark Digital before?  Have you used them as your legal SEO company?  Please drop your thoughts or questions in the comments section below.


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