Rocket Matter Review: Case Management and Billing Services

Rocket Matter is one of the “Big Four” in Case Management software, along with Clio, PracticePanther, and MyCase.  The software is mostly known for its excellence in billing management and timekeeping.  With Rocket Matter, you can combine your Calendar, Billing, and Document management into one program. In this review, we’re going to see what Rocket Matter does best, and which kind of attorneys would benefit most from using it.  We’ll also look at which attorneys shouldn’t use Rocket Matter.  Let’s dive in:

Ease of Use and Integrations

Rocket Matter has a very accessible dashboard.  Creating tasks is simple, and you can even assign them to other attorneys.  The built-in stopwatch of the program allows you to easily track the amount of time you spend on each task.  The program is fully functional for desktop, tablet, or smartphone (Apple and Android) use.

Integration with your other programs also makes Rocket Matter a powerful tool for any law firm.  Tag any email with the appropriate matter (or case name), and Rocket Matter will keep track of it as a part of the case.  Rocket Matter integrates with Google/Outlook Calendar, Evernote, Skype, and Quickbooks.  We should note that integrating with Quickbooks will cost an additional one-time charge of $15, but because of the program’s strong focus on billing integration, we highly recommend it.

One drawback of Rocket Matter’s integration is that the product only integrates with IMAP email accounts.  Please contact your tech person to see if your firm’s email address is IMAP or POP.

August 2018 Update: One reader of the blog has commented that Rocket Matter’s mobile app for Android is not great.  According to her, the software does not properly map to the screen and feels a bit clunky.  If you rely heavily on using your case management software from an Android phone, this might not be the best product for you, at least as of August 2018.

Customer ServiceRocket Matter Awards

Many Rocket Matter users mention that the program has the best customer service.  Rocket matter offers user training 10 times per week so that its users get the most out of the program.  In addition to the training, there are plenty of video tutorials on their support page.  The customer service and support are so well-received that they has won multiple Stevie Awards for customer service in the past three years.

In the majority of user reviews for Rocket Matter, clients mention excellent customer service as a major reason for staying with the product.

Productive Dashboard and Templates


The dashboard is your home to overview your tasks, billing, and productivity of your firm.  Rocket Matter’s dashboard shows you the big picture, as well as what needs to be done most urgently.

Rocket Matter lets you upload your own templates.  While many case management programs make you create templates from scratch, Rocket Matter lets you to upload your own legal documents and identify the empty fields for ready-to-go documents in the future.

Billing and Accounting

Rocket Matter Billing

The most common praise for Rocket Matter is the amount of time it’ll save the average small firm lawyer on billing.  With seamless integration with Quickbooks, Law Pay, and the newest payment processing service, Lexcharge, Rocket Matter streamlines the billing process.

Rocket Matter will create invoices for your clients instantly, send it to them via email, and include a link to the private payment service of your choosing.  If you want to make it even more seamless, you can automate Rocket Matter to send these invoices every month.  You can see if your clients have opened the email, and automatically follow up if they don’t pay after a certain time.

Dealing with Billing in a Plaintiff’s firm is hard enough, so I can only imagine how many hours other attorneys spend on chasing down their clients for payments.  Similarly, many lawyers staff an accountant to itemize the taxes for each invoice.  Rocket Matter can include multiple custom tax rates for each client, which will save you hours spent on your accountant.

Pricing and Discount

Rocket Matter costs $65 per user per month when billing month-to-month, or $55 per user if you pay for a year.  You can try it for free for 7 days if you’re on the fence.  They didn’t have any particular discounts for readers of Small Firm Legal Marketing right now, but I would recommend asking if there are any promotions/discounts available.

My Recommendation

Rocket Matter is ideal for the attorney who bills by the hour and touches multiple cases every day.  The program’s timekeeping and billing management expertise allows you to jump from case to case without needing to scribble down notes for every six minutes you spend working.

Similarly, if you’re spending a lot of time manually entering your billable hours into Quickbooks and preparing invoices, Rocket Matter is perfect for you.

On the other hand, Rocket Matter is not the best for law firms that handle cases on contingency.  While the program is decent at case management, the real value comes from its streamlined billing management for attorneys who bill hourly.  As a personal injury attorney, I see the value of Rocket Matter, even if it’s not right for my firm.

Nonetheless, if Rocket Matter sounds like it would match your firm’s needs, I highly recommend at least trying it out for the 7-day trial.


Do you use Rocket Matter?  Do you know any other attorneys who do?  Feel free to drop your questions or feedback in the comment section below!

4 thoughts on “Rocket Matter Review: Case Management and Billing Services”

  1. I have been using RM for a little over a year and have been underwhelmed at every turn. The mobile app simply doesn’t work on my Android phone (running Marshmallow and meets all specs), it doesn’t map to the screen correctly. Even if it worked, every time you leave it to, say, check an email, it closes; and you have to completely load it and log in when you go back — which takes longer than using your phone’s web browser to log into the website. Overall the system seems clunky. It is like they add a feature and have to figure out how to fit it into their existing code structure. Things that should be quick and easy — aren’t. For instance, to set up a matter to track time on a flat fee matter, I first check flat fee, then save the matter. Then, I go back into the billing set up screen and tell it to set a custom rate for that matter, then I load that screen, set a custom rate of $0, save that, go back to the matter editing screen and save that. They have recently come out with some project management features that look interesting, but as soon as I get a break in things, I am switching to Panther, so I haven’t bothered to look at it.

    1. Thanks for your comment Elaine, and I’m sorry to hear your frustrations with Rocket Matter. I’d like to update my post to include your concerns. More attorneys are relying on mobile-based software to run their firm, and if a company has a clunky app, that’s no good.

      Are most of your frustrations with the android app, or does the desktop/browser-based app have problems as well? Do you have any colleagues who use the app on iOS and do they have similar problems?

  2. I don’t know anyone using RM and an Iphone. I have talked to another attorney who uses Android and is also unhappy with the App. I’m not sure what you mean by the desktop/browser app. When I use a browser, I just enter the url (including my number) and go. That is faster than loading and relogging into the app even if it maps properly on your phone. I am told that I am the only person with this screen mapping problem, and I am running an older phone; but it runs a fairly standard version of Marshmallow, and I have never had a problem with another app.

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