Website News: New Redesign

Dear Readers of SFLM,

As you’ll notice, the Small Firm Legal Marketing has a new, sleeker design.  The initial site I designed by myself in WordPress, but as I needed to tweak certain design features, I realized that I needed to either 1) redesign the site with a new WordPress template, which also does not guarantee that I’ll get to keep the design features I already had or 2) get help from a professional to tweak the site exactly in the ways I need.  I went with the latter.

Since I didn’t need a full SEO/Digital Marketing company like the ones I’ve reviewed on this site, I found a web designer to handle only the site redesign.  This lead designer also happens to be a friend who I grew up with.

I was very happy with his services, so if you’re looking for just Web Design (anything from small tweaks to a full redesign), please check out Page IT Services.  His team of professionals is very responsive and willing to put up with a nitpicky site owner like myself.

In other news, the site is about to debut the Small Firm Legal Marketing Newsletter.  Please sign up here.

More website news to come in the coming weeks!



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